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Frequently Asked Questions

How do guest get their pictures?

Pictures can be instantly shared through text, email, social media, and instantly printed on-site, depending on the package of choice. Our printers are high quality and fast.

*Speed depends on the internet connection of the venue. 

How do I get the pictures?

Depending on the package of choice, you can get your pictures through online photo gallery, USB, or album. 

What's the process to rent 801 Selfies?

We need some details first about your event. We want to make sure we have the availability. 

  • First step is to compete the questionnaire. 
  • We will contact you about your event shortly after receiving it. 
  • After identifying your needs, we will send you a quote.
  • That quote will give you the options plans and add-ons. You can select everything you want from that quote. 
  • Once you have selected your options, a contract will be sent to you for review. 
  • Once you hire us for your event, you will be sent an invoice. 
  • We get started on the customization and design of your event. 
  • We stay in contact with you throughout this whole time and through your event. 

Is there a deposit required?

Yes. As we get booked quickly, we require a 50% deposit to calendar your event and get started on the design and customization.

What is needed from the venue?

We need space for the selfie station, internet connetion (WiFi), and power.  Prior to the event, we will meet with you at the venue and designate the best spot. We work with venue planners to obtain all the needed connections and take the stress off you. 

How much time does 801 Selfie need?

We need to make sure we have availability and attendants to host the selfies machine. We ask for at least 2 weeks advanced notice to book an event. If we are doing customization for you with special order backdrops, we will need at least 30 days advanced notice. 

We include set-up and take-down for all events. This time is outside of your booked time. It takes about 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to take down. 

Ex: If you book for 3 hours from 6PM-9PM we will arrive at 5:30PM and close the machine down at 9PM to take down.